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This is a unique experience to learn all the secrets of pacharán production during a weekend in the Tena Valley, in the heart of the Pyrenees, under the guidance of our expert Partcharan and staying at the Hotel Privilegio

The collection and classification of arañones harvested in the Valley in October, will be transformed after 6 months of maceration into an exquisite liqueur. After filtering it, we will rack it into chestnut barrels in April and after another six months we will bottle it.


Plaza Mayor s/n.
22663, Tramacastilla de Tena (Huesca)
974 487 20


During the weekends of October, the best time to harvest the arañones, we will learn about this fruit grown in wild bushes with a smaller size than a violet colored olive and with a bitter and astringent flavor that with the mixture of an aniseed and the right maceration makes a soft and sweet liqueur.
We will experience the difficult task of its harvesting because it is done one by one and with the bush with thorns that make this work really difficult and laborious.


Afterwards we will make a selection and a cleaning of the arañones that we will put to macerate in its stainless steel tanks, during 6 months they will remain with the aniseed transforming it into an exquisite liquor. In April we will return again to filter the result of the maceration and we will pour the resulting liquid into chestnut barrels, removing the arañones to elaborate sauces as garnish for different gastronomic elaborations. After aging in barrels for another 6 months, the pacharán is ready for bottling.

The Hotel

This experience is complemented with accommodation at the hotel, a privileged family establishment, enjoying facilities such as the spa and with gastronomic menus related to the product of pacharán, or being able to chat with the family gathered around the fireplace at the end of the day.
This experience is accessible to all audiences as we have adapted the Fondanolo Finca, where we have our laboratory so that all people with any disability can access this fascinating world of pacharán.



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