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Alembic Kids is a guaranteed fun option for the little ones and an opportunity for conciliation during the trip to Huesca.

It has three options available for the little ones:Alambique Kids, Vermut Malospadres o Cooktubers


Restaurante El Alambique Costanilla de Ricafort, 9, bajo, 22002, Huesca

Alambique Kids

Aimed at children between 3 and 16 years old, they are offered the possibility to cook the bread, pizza and rissottos that they will eat afterwards. Parents can stay with them or they can continue to enjoy their visit to the city. This last possibility is very well received, as it gives the parents the freedom to take advantage of the time of the activity to visit the city at their leisure or even have a snack in other places in the city.
During the experience, the children put themselves in the role of cooks, dressed in aprons and hats, and become familiar with some of the cooking tools they will use. Once dressed and prepared, they begin to experiment with textures, doughs, etc. The origin and cooking process of the food they will eat later is explained. They are told about the five existing flavors, the different types of cheeses and vegetables that can accompany the chosen dishes. They are also encouraged to try those foods they have not tried before, in a relaxed atmosphere where they are the protagonists. The participants learn the cooking process of the chosen dishes, collaborating in those parts of the recipe in which they can according to their age and ability.
Afterwards, the family gathers to enjoy the dishes that the children have prepared. There is the possibility of reserving it for an afternoon snack and the children can enjoy it at the end.

Vermut Malospadres

In Vermut Malospadres the experience is game-based learning, in a relaxed atmosphere. This way, they attend a shorter cooking class absolutely focused on empiricism, in which the participants prepare part of the menu that the whole family will eat later while the parents enjoy the appetizer beforehand in the place of their choice. This experience stimulates the self-esteem of the children who feel important and share in a real way with their elders something that they themselves have done “independently”.


It is a recently created activity, launched with great success this summer in which the gastronomic experience and the making of videos for youtube come together. In this experience, aimed at teenagers and pre-teens, for several days they are taught to record, edit and publish their own cooking videos while they learn in a global way to eat healthy, from the choice and purchase of ingredients to the cooking of their food. The shopping is done in establishments of the city with products of proximity and in many cases artisans, in this way promoting the gastronomic knowledge of the participants. It is a project-based learning, which promotes autonomy and self-esteem of children and follows one of the most valued educational trends at the moment by professionals.



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