Would you fancy a total immersion in our history? Now you can with our tourist experience.
You will have to solve tests, questions, and riddles, touring and learning how our Roman ancestors lived in Layana and Los Bañales.

It can be done at any time, and any day of the year, since it is a game that starts and ends at the municipality’s bar-restaurant. There you will be given a map that will serve as your guide for the experience.
It is designed for family tourism, children and groups of associations and schools, or for any individual who is interested.


Ayuntamiento de Layana

C/Bañales, 5
Layana, (Zaragoza)
976 675 124

  • The experience takes us back to Roman times. Taking advantage of all the heritage left by the Romans in the surroundings of Layana and the Cinco Villas, this experience will be a total immersion in one of the most spectacular periods in our history.
    The experience is highly designed for children’s tourism and family tourism, it could also be carried out by school groups and recreational associations, as well as any other individual who is interested in the Roman era and our history in general.
    It can be done at any time, any day of the year and almost at any time, since it is a gymkhana-type game in which we will have to solve a series of tests, questions and riddles that will help us to get to know each time better. how they lived in these parts in Roman times.
    This experience also has as its starting and ending point the bar-restaurant of the municipality, thus encouraging the local business to be favored by the arrival of visitors.



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