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In Trekking Mule you will enjoy the Pyrenees with all its intensity. Accompanied by a cook, a biologist, a mountain guide and the most important, six mules, which will carry the weight of your backpack, you can make routes and camp in the most spectacular and amazing places in the Pyrenees.

Routes along ancient communication paths, cultural routes such as the Sobrepuerto inspired by “The Yellow Rain” or multi-adventure routes. Endless possibilities that bring hiking and camping to families and people who for various reasons can not or do not want to carry the weight of a mountain equipment.


Trekking Mule SL
Closa 5 , 1ºIzq,
22467 Sesue, Huesca

Who are we?

Trekking Mule is the first active tourism company formed by people and mules, who organize and guide self-sufficient itinerant routes camping in the Pyrenees.

Our clients

Trekking Mule offers the client another way of approaching the mountain, since it provides all the necessary material for the route and camping, allowing the Pyrenees to be known and become more accessible to the client. Families with children; people who want to walk in the Pyrenees but do not have the knowledge or the necessary material; people who want to walk long distances, climb peaks, spend several days in the mountains but lack the strength, energy, material or permits to do it on their own. So far we have traveled our Pyrenees with Spaniards, French, Germans, Belgians, Irish, Italians, Americans, Russians, Hong Kongers, and even Congolese.
We also have as clients and/or collaborate with other active tourism companies in the Pyrenees, from trail marking, supplies for mountain races, mountain biking, caving and geology research, and support for mountain guides and refuges.

What is the Trekking Mule experience?

The team is made up of mountain guides, cook and biologist, so the adventure is safe, delicious and educational.
With the guides the Pyrenees becomes close and surprising, you learn the values of the mountaineer and the mountain (safety, respect, observation of the environment, recognition of the terrain, understanding of the weather, use of the necessary materials).
With the biologist you get an objective knowledge of the nature that inhabits the mountain, learning about its fauna, flora and the surprising geological history of the Pyrenees.
The cook will give you back some energy with local products and homemade meals prepared in the camp, where you sleep under thousands of stars, at emblematic places.
All this along the different altitudes and the different valleys that are crossed during the days of the route, that we walk together, as a team, at the pace of some of our 6 mules. The company and work of our mules has a value difficult to quantify, their support and presence along the route is something that is impregnated in the hearts of those who share and walk the mountain with them.


In these 5 years of life we have walked, enabled and selected routes and places to camp in the most spectacular and surprising spots of the Pyrenees. We offer routes that run along ancient paths of communication between villages, cultural routes, such as Sobrepuerto, inspired by Llamazares’ book “La lluvia amarilla” (The Yellow rain) to share the uniqueness and history of the villages of the Pyrenees.
Multi-adventure routes, in collaboration with other companies from the valleys, taking advantage of the diversity of activities offered in our mountains (climbing, canyoning, etc.).

Sustainable activity

As nature lovers we promote sustainable tourism. Our groups are from 8 to 10 people, our camping is regulated, we do not leave any trace in our path, and we give each traveler ecological and 100% biodegradable soap (made in the Sierra de Guara) and 100% biodegradable toothpaste and toilet paper. We do not use plastic in our kitchenware (no glasses, cutlery or plates). We carry solar energy chargers, although such is the connection of the client with the Pyrenean Mother Earth, that they hardly use them.



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