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Sunrise at Gallocanta Lagoon is breathtaking and beautiful at any time of the year. But the experience is even more spectacular when you can hear the cranes coming out of their roost.

Our experience begins the night before with the welcome and dinner. Before dawn and well wrapped up, the guide leads us to the roosts where the show begins. The cranes wake up and begin to take flight to the soundtrack of their characteristic gru, gru. The flocks of cranes take off in formations of 20-30 units and form a V-shape, gathering around 20,000 cranes at dawn


C/San Vicente, S/N,
50373 Gallocanta (Zaragoza)

The reception

The experience begins the night before with a welcome and a tasting dinner with the best dishes of Allucant’s cuisine. After dinner and always accompanied by the ornithological guide we will take a short walk under the great sky of the Gallocanta lagoon. Not only will you enjoy the sky but also the wonderful and different night sounds of the lagoon. We will also recognize the terrain that will be visited at dawn.

Bird Watching

Once awake before sunrise and after a quick coffee/fruit because the cranes do not wait, we will head out towards the best place to observe the departure. It should be noted that the roosting site varies depending on the time of year. To locate it Allucant has a fantastic ornithological guide who knows perfectly the habits of the Gallocanta cranes.
Well wrapped up, the show begins: with a duration of about 20 minutes. Visitors will be able to listen (it is still dark) as the cranes gradually wake up. Long before the sun rises, the cranes begin to take flight to the soundtrack of the characteristic gru gru . The flocks of cranes take off in V-shaped formations of 20-30 units, gathering around 20,000 species in one sunrise. This spectacle ends with the wonderful sunrise over the lagoon.

Regaining strength

Once the sun has risen, there are no more cranes left in the lagoon. They have left for lunch and that is when we leave to have a good breakfast of local products, natural juices and homemade pastries. After lunch a visit to the area is a must: the medieval town of Daroca, Anento or the Gallocanta Lagoon itself are highly recommended.



de Gallocanta son muy recomendables.

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