A trip to the past through wine, gastronomy, history and heritage.

We offer the public an option that goes far beyond the “typical” guided tour of the winery.
It is a cultural immersion where the heritage that surrounds us in every way is valued.
The purpose is to open, show and dust off the hidden history of the site while it is under construction, helped by one of the persons responsible for the excavations, and the surprise of the activity, accompanied by one of the monks who lived in it: Fray Bartolomé Torrija.



Cañada de Ganados de Zaragoza.
50400, Cariñena (Zaragoza)
643 861 256

  • Saint Catherine

    The Order of San Francisco will be the only one that will dwell permanently in Cariñena. The location of her Convent was not left to chance. Santa Catalina was erected “…in a spot, the healthiest in the entire Kingdom of Aragon.”

    A few meters from the Tierra de Cubas Winery, the remains of the walls of the convent church become visible, indicating the direction to follow.

    The Franciscans exercised spiritual assistance in exchange for the alms of the neighbors for their livelihood.

    We can distinguish those constructions dedicated to the worship and work of the friars with views of the city of Cariñena, from those dedicated to agricultural work, livestock and storage of the products derived from these tasks. A series of large rooms allowed the friars to store the crops and prepare food preserves for the winter months. Some of them would be destined for the kitchen, a place where the Altamiras book was surely never lacking.

    The tour

    Wine, today an article for the joy and enjoyment of our senses, was both drink and food in the past; especially in those times and places where water was scarce or did not meet the conditions for consumption, as was usually the case in the Convent of Santa Catalina.

    In addition to drinking it and, of course, for the consecration at masses, wine is an excellent seasoning for stews, roasts or sauces and Juan Altamira gives a good account. of it in their recipes.

    Duration: 3 hours. (from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.)
    Punctuality is requested
    (Departing from the parking lot of the winery, where we will leave the cars to start the walk to the Convent – Comfortable shoes are recommended –. Later, return to Tierra de Cubas to continue with the visit and tasting, accompanied by a snack.)



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