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The monumental complex of medieval Montañana is a unique place.  A medieval settlement that has come unaltered to the present day and offers visitors the experience of jumping back in time more than 800 years and allows us to take a look at life in the Middle Ages, when the village was an important settlement of the Knights Hospitaller.
Throughout the year, walks through the village and guided tours offered by the tourist office allows us to discover all the charm of Montañana, but in the festive of San Jorge and the Pilar, comes to life again the project “Montañana Living History”, involving various associations  linked to heritage and the world of historical recreation. This ambitious project, under the premises of the most rigorous historical recreationism, allows to promote the knowledge of the heritage and history of Montañana through different events and didactic activities.
The cultural association El Viejo Reino participates in this project that seeks to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the town to live history, understand it and feel it as it happened.


Calle a Montañana, 12,
22584 Montañana, Huesca

Montañana Living History
It is not an ordinary fair or a show with actors and costumes. The historical recreation uses materials, techniques, tools and objects to relive history with the greatest possible severity.
In these tours you can see how artisans such as blacksmiths, carpenters or spinners worked; attend scenes such as the collection of the pontazgo tax from those who used the bridge and the training of the armed guards; or learn how bread was made and cooked.

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