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The sensation of flying like a bird is the magic of the Fuentespalda zip line.

It is the longest double zip line in Europe with its 2 km of route. The starting platform is located at the Punta de la Umbría at 1015 meters above sea level and the arrival platform is located next to the Ermita de San Miguel at 790 meters above sea level.

It is a real challenge in a totally safe and approved way. You live a feeling of pure adrenaline and fun, suitable for all audiences and especially for people with reduced mobility. There is no age limit to jump, but the minimum weight (50 kg) and maximum (110 kg).


Avda. Maestrazgo 21-27,
Fuentespalda, Teruel


The views, the fascinating landscape and the indescribable panoramic view make you live those two minutes of travel intensely, leaving behind the daily problems and enjoying this new, original and fun way to visit this natural environment through this recreational-sports activity in intimate contact with the environment.

What to bring?
  • We recommend closed toe and heel shoes such as sneakers or boots.
  • Thick sport sandals with back straps are also allowed.
  • Crocs, clogs, flip-flops or similar shoes without heels or high heels are not allowed. Caps, hats or caps are not permitted during the descent.
  • The only cameras that can be used during the activity will be of the “Gopro” type with head, chest, wrist and ankle harness. All types of cameras, cell phones, etc. that are NOT attached to the body cannot be worn, since both hands must be free to hold on to the sliding carriage.



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