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The last Indian of the Matarraña is a unique experience whether you go with family or friends.

Few people have ever seen the inside of an Indian tepee and very few can attest from their own experience that it is a perfect accommodation for a life in the wilderness, however, the tepee is a cozy and picturesque accommodation.

The tepee is the original nomadic dwelling of the Great Prairie tribes of North America, a conical tent, originally made of animal skins such as bison, and wooden poles, but now you can enjoy an experience like this staying in the Tents of the World located in the unique region of Matarraña.

In this experience the guest will be able to stay in different types of nomadic tents such as teppees and desert tents feeling like one of the tribe during the stay.


Camping el Roble
231 Km, Calle A, 18,
44580 Valderrobres, Teruel
608 31 84 81

Walking routes

During your stay as the last Indian of Matarraña will be offered different hiking trails or bathing areas for the guest to enjoy the natural environment of the Natural Park of the Ports of Beceite, a unique enclave in the region of Matarraña.


On the way back you will have the opportunity to have a barbecue as the Indian tribes did in which you can taste the typical products of the Matarraña such as beef, oil, wine, cheese…

Watching the stars

Once night falls, the spot where these tents are located is perfect to observe and enjoy the quiet and starry nights that are enjoyed in the region, just as the ancient civilization, experts in observing the stars, did.




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