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A free mobile application for enjoying seven exciting stories narrated by imagined characters to tour the towns, landscapes, monuments and history that are revealed on each route.

Each route covers several locations linked by a storyline linked to the natural and cultural heritage of the route, and all are geolocated to facilitate access. The stories can be read or listened to, as an audio guide.
The stories, illustrations and locutions make up a novel and artistic travel guide, on a very intuitive technological base. In addition to the literary routes, this APP contains other sections of practical information.


Comarca Hoya de Huesca/Plana de Uesca

Calle Coso Alto, 18
Huesca, (Huesca)

Do you want us to tell you?

The Ecos en el paisaje project launched by the Hoya de Huesca Region is a new way of delving into the landscapes, towns and legends of the area, a new guide to explore its corners through seven exciting narratives.

It is a free application in which seven exciting stories are heard narrated by imagined characters linked to the territory, and which serve as a common thread to tour the municipalities, places, monuments and history.

Beyond my world

1958. Miguel is 15 years old and lives in Nocito, surrounded by mountains. This year will be the first time that he leaves the valley and goes to Huesca to the fairs of San Andrés. A trip to an unknown world, a trip to the world of adults.

  • Itinerary: Nocito – Lúsera – Belsué – Arguis

The map to the inner treasure

2019. The distance between the two brothers is as great as the kilometers that separate them. Their grandmother’s death will make them get back together for a few hours. Treasures, clues and working together, their grandmother’s last great idea to get them back together and try to make them brothers again.

  • Itinerary: Bolea – Aniés – Loarre – Vultures Viewpoint (Sarsamarcuello)

The brush of life

Sometimes you have to travel far to realize where we come from and what should be the path we must choose to continue our lives. From the memory of his old teacher and his passion for Gothic paintings, Jean travels to La Hoya de Huesca to fill himself with memories of him and find himself.

  • Itinerary: Huesca – Barluenga – Santa Eulalia la Mayor – Vadiello

Growing between stones

The 13th century was born with big dreams, imposing constructions rise in these lands and the stonecutters are the ants that manage to build these beautiful monuments. Miguel will be one of them, but he must first learn the family trade from him.

  • Itinerary: Ibieca – Liesa – Casbas de Huesca

Journey to the unseen

Traveling is letting yourself be carried away by what reaches your eyes, your ears, impregnating yourself with history and beauty. But you also have to let the trip get to your skin and transport you to that other world that cannot be touched and that is made up of the narratives that dress the stones. A journalist travels to Albero Alto and will discover a land full of tales and legends that manage to make her travel in a way unknown to her.

  • Itinerary: Albero Alto – Piracés – Sesa – Salillas – Pertusa – Antillón

Childhood memory

Sometimes there are days that I live more in memory than in the world around me. Sometimes I think about how the people I came across in childhood will be like now, how the streets I ran through, the schools where I learned and the houses that saw me grow up will be like. My birthday and my daughter, the perfect time to find out.

  • Itinerary: Almudévar – Tormos – Montmesa

In the shadow of the Mallos

1514. María Gállego has entered the service of the Marchioness of Urriés, Doña Greyda, a cultured and strong woman. Being a maid for someone like that is a world of possibilities, starting with traveling to places she hadn’t yet known.

  • Route: Ayerbe – Riglos – Agüero – Murillo de Gállego – Santa María de la Peña



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