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Spend an unforgettable day outdoors with your family and friends learning while surrounded by nature and fun: Shepherd World.

It is the perfect opportunity to discover the ancient culture of shepherding, the breeding of the Ternasco de Aragón and the traditional ways of life in the Pyrenees in the middle of nature.
We will learn about the life of our ancestors in Alto Aragon, and where better than in our “pardina”, where we will also eat migas and ternasco and visit our flock. We will have a special guest: Rabadancido, the main character of the story by Sandra Aragüás and David Guirao.

The activities and schedule of the day are these:

From 11:30 to 17:30 – La Borda de Pastores in Ayés:

    • Sheep audiovisual museum.
    • Visit to the flock with lambs.
    • Lunch: salad, migas, grilled Ternasco de Aragón and homemade dessert.
    • Traditional shepherd games.
    • Rabadancito’s story about the world of shepherds.
What should I know about this experience?
  • This experience takes place outdoors.
  • Full menu with drinks included.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.


Pardina de Ayés, S/N (Rapún)
22600, Sabiñánigo (Huesca)
650 970 377


The adventure begins at half past eleven in the morning.

Sheep Museum

An interactive experience for all five senses about the world of a shepherd and his flock.
You will see a touching video and the tools of agricultural and livestock use, the use of wool and everyday life in the sheepfold, all with informative panels.

Visit to the flock with lambs

At La Borda, you will be able to visit the flock with Vicente, its shepherd. He will explain what the sheep eat, the different breeds, the role of the sheepdog… And you will also see the lambs!

Shepherd menú

The experience is not complete if you don’t try Teresa’s famous migas and all the culinary virtues of the grilled Ternasco de Aragón from Vicente’s hand. Because there is no other lamb meat like this one and it tastes better when it is cooked by a shepherd.

Traditional games

Learn playing as our ancestors did with traditional games for the whole family.


Rabadancito is a very special shepherd, who takes care of his flock with great affection. In Shepherds World you will meet him!



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