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At Casa la Franja we are farmers, ranchers and we love people. For that reason we open our house to everyone who wants to know how is the real day to day life on a farm.

Become a real farmer: bottle-feed the calves, collect the eggs from the hens and learn many curiosities about animals life. Depending on the time of year, you can also pick peaches, almonds or olives in the garden.

An enjoyable and fun activity ideal for families with children.


Carretera A-140 de Tamarite a Binéfar Km 15,5.
22550, Tamarite de Litera (Huesca)

670 861 535/ 974 421 332

How it all began

Since 1984 we have been dedicated to cattle and in 1987 we started to breed calves. We never know what the future will bring and when you think you are settled in a job like us, in something as traditional as livestock, fodder and cereal cultivation, in 2000 comes the mad cow crisis. That crisis caused the collapse of the sector, which was by then our unique activity.

In the summer of 2001, when we were already hitting rock bottom, in an attempt to disconnect from all that, we joined a trip around Galicia that my sister and her husband were taking. Chance took us to a rural house surrounded by cows. There we met a man who wanted to buy a pazo and that opened our eyes. We didn’t have to buy the pazo, we already had the original house on the farm where we lived.
Then the idea was born, which was shaped during the rest of the year. At that time, rural tourism was not very widespread in the region and more than one person threw his hands to his head when we told him the idea. The house was used as a farmyard and as a storehouse and its interior was quite deteriorated.
The “old house”, as we called it, had a lot of charm, as it was a house of traditional architecture made of adobe and wood. It also had an enormous sentimental value for us and we did not want it to deteriorate and that time would force us to demolish it. We started the renovation in February 2002 and finished in December of the same year.

Tamarite de Litera

The house is located 2 km from Tamarite de Litera, capital of the region of La Litera. With a population of about 5,000 inhabitants, its main attraction is the 13th century collegiate church of Santa Maria La Mayor, from where we can start a walk through its medieval streets. In the surroundings we find a large natural area located in the old territory of the castle, where several ruins are preserved. From this place you can see formidable views and evocative places like the “balcony of the Moors, “the rock of the bottle”, “the square of the witches,” etc.. In addition to these unique rock formations, there is also an Iberian-Roman archaeological site near this area: Els Castellasos. The tourist office offers guided tours of the old town, the bell tower and the archaeological site”.

Hiking and BTT

The house is an excellent starting point for cycling through the region of La Llitera and get to know the villages and people of this important and unique region. From Tamarite you can follow a perfectly signposted route that runs parallel to the canal and allows us to contemplate the old wells and grain silos. For those who simply want to take a stroll, it is highly recommended to walk along the rural roads and observe the fields and farms of the area. You can also visit the abandoned village of Rocafort.



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