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In collaboration with the journalists Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter, “Los Viajes de la Nave del Misterio” is born.
The union of the travel agency PANGEA and La Nave del Misterio to design getaways and trips to those places that have marked the history of our program

Aragon as the main axis, we can enjoy numerous routes and getaways by the hand of Nacho Navarro.

Trips that have never been done before and that will probably never be repeated, totally unique and exclusive experiences!

A permanent search of the mystery, of the enigmas that hide emblematic places and others much more unknown, all from the hand of the best possible guides; those who have already been there and have investigated on the ground.

An exciting and pioneering project in our country, in which you will only have to worry about enjoying, learning, surprising and approaching the mystery as you have never done before.

The Voyages of the Ship of Mystery in Aragon are now starting!


Viajes de la Nave del Misterio

910 83 79 76


The adventure begins on Friday in Zaragoza.

Then we will leave by private transport to the Museum of the Mummies of Quinto, where we will be able to contemplate face to face the mummified bodies of adults and children that are preserved there as in a time capsule.
A unique experience in Spain.

Dinner at a restaurant in Quinto.

Transfer and nocturnal visit to the village of Belchite Viejo, a place marked by the tragedy and disaster of a war that left thousands of dead, and which is now impregnated with pain and unexplained phenomena.



Transfer and visit to Loarre Castle. It is the best preserved Romanesque
castle in the world, accompanied by dark stories of human silhouettes, sounds, voices and laments.

Transfer and lunch in Villanúa.

Villanúa is the heart of the magical Pyrenees. There we will visit the Cueva de las Güixas in a trip to the Underworld. Place of covens, where 15 women were
women were persecuted and executed for practicing witchcraft.

Transfer to Jaca to visit the Citadel. A military fortress where a lot of strange events take place.
We will visit the Cathedral to learn about its astronomical orientation, the
routes of the demoniacs of Santa Orosia, the Holy Grail and much more…


Transfer to Orante. We will make a night visit to the famous Hermitage of San Benito de Orante. Its various visitors claim to have suffered unexplainable
inexplicable emotional and physical experiences. It is a magical place
that has become a perfect setting for pilgrimages in search of answers to the strange occurrences that take place in its interior.

Transfer to Hotel in Jaca.


Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to Calatorao, where we will visit the fascinating Cristo de los Endemoniados. A figure that houses a multitude of stories of miracles and healings, and also, as its name suggests, has been the point of pilgrimage for those who believed themselves to be victims of some demonic possession and sought help. Even today it continues to receive pilgrims seeking to be exorcised.

Lunch and return to Zaragoza.

End of route in Zaragoza.



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