Sueños Verticales brings an elitist and unattainable sport such as climbing and spending the night on a wall closer to the general public, making it an experience within the reach of everyone.

The experience, of two days and one night, begins by familiarizing yourself with the equipment in an adventure park, picnic with typical products. In the afternoon we will ascend the mallo, you can do it on foot or climbing. We will observe the sunset and have a deluxe dinner. We will go to sleep suspended at more than 100 meters high. In the morning we will have breakfast and rappel down to finish the adventure in a spa.


Verticalia arborismo SLL

Ctra N_A 132 de pamplona S/N
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  • Adrenaline and ascent

    11:00 a.m. Vertical Training
    We will start the morning in a vertical adventure park in panoramic height to the Mallos de Riglos where the participant takes the first contact with the climbing equipment (harness, helmet, carabiners …) and with the techniques or safety rules with experiences at height where we will test your skills and give you the first tips and basic rules for climbing. We will also teach you how to put on your equipment and have a fun, pleasant and rewarding experience.
    (2-3 hours).
    14:00h. Lunch tasting of typical products of the area in a magical place and reconnaissance walk in the Mallos.
    16:30 h. Briefing
    17:00 h. Climbing ascent to “Mallo Colorado” (grade from IV to VI), option to climb on foot by back access.
    20:30 h. Sunset observation and deluxe dinner (Venta del Sotón Restaurant).
    Overnight in the suspended tent. It is equipped with 4 hammocks.
    A portable toilet will be available.

    Release and relax

    8:00 h. Breakfast served in the hammock.
    9:00 h. Descent of the mallo by rappelling.
    Transfer to the Hotel Spa Agua de los Mallos for a thermal water circuit and massage in the panoramic surroundings of the Mallos de Riglos.

    • Training in multi-adventure circuit to meet the technical equipment.s
      Picnic and ascent to the mallo
    • Suspended dinner. Served by La Venta del Sotón
    • Lodging at more than 100 meters above sea level.
    • Breakfast and spa



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