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A visit to the iris zoo is an incredible and unique experience, containing a great variety of flora and fauna. There we will enter a parallel universe of dedication, care and protection of more than 300 animals.

During the visit, all the explanations are aimed at instilling respect for nature and the environment.
This 90-minute experience runs along a path with animals in the wild, where you can enjoy an unforgettable visit.


Zoológico Iris

c/ Figueruela s/n, (encima del Polígono la Cerámica)
22300 Barbastro, Huesca,
676 837 791


In addition to the guided tours, we prepare different educational activities for the conservation of biodiversity, where we teach to respect and conserve the fauna and flora that surrounds us.
During the summer season we set up our summer camp for the little ones.

Talks and events

We do workshops with specific content to give better answers and needs to schools that go with projects and provide a better service. We adapt or modify these talks based on your interests and for all audiences.
Our facilities are prepared for activities with children from 0 to 3 years old, special education centers, institutes, nursing homes…

Animal therapy

We carry out an animal therapy program for dementia in nursing homes. This program is intended for residents in general and mainly for dependents with Alzheimer’s and other dementias…

“Human beings must remain in contact with nature throughout their lives to maintain good mental health”



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