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Theme walks and tasting. The last weekend of each month in the city of Fraga.

A different theme walk every month where the agricultural tradition, the origin of Fraga, its Castle, the Faldeta, Alphonse I the Battler, Velázquez, the Cinca river or urban art, serve as the prelude to tasting local products such as peaches, figs, bread, honey, pomegranates or Coc de Fraga. Culture and tradition, told by local guides who reach out to grab native products and producers, so that whoever participates in this experience connects with the essence of the City of Fraga.



Pº Barrón, 11
Fraga, (Huesca)
974 471 876

Unique experience every month. Thematic walk, focused on an era, a character, an artistic style, a tradition or an enclave that varies each month in order to value all the cultural and historical wealth of the city. Wealth is also evident in local products, with tastings also being different from month to month, focused on a product, its characteristics, its origin, its production and its unique flavor.

The agricultural tradition, the origin of Fraga, the Castle, the Faldeta, Alfonso I the Battler, Velázquez, Villa Fortunas or the Graffiti Route give way to products such as peaches, figs, bread, honey, pomegranates or the cook

Experience suitable for all ages, with family, friends or partner; accessible and with a total duration of approximately 2 hours, which is carried out in groups of 20 people.

This experience was born in August 2022 with the desire to value local heritage, understanding it as a whole made up of history, architecture, archaeology, tradition, local products and gastronomy, because the City of Fraga and its history have always been linked to that production, to its natural environment marked by the cinca river and its plain, to the products that are grown in this environment and thanks to which the city has prospered since its birth in the eighth century.



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