Prepirineo Clandestino is a family treasure hunt adventure throughout the Aragonese Pre-Pyrenees. A fun way to learn about the history, art and natural heritage of one of the most beautiful areas of Aragon.

Along 11 thematic routes there are more than 50 hidden treasures that you can locate through the Prepyr 365 website. Following the clues you will learn about the history of the kings of Aragon on the route of Al-Muqtadir, of Ramón y Cajal, of the lost trades, or of the Sepharad of the Cinco Villas. A fun way to get to know those small details that often are unnoticed.

The treasures of Pre-Pyrenees Clandestine are located in the free Geocaching application, which you can download to your mobile at no cost. But come on, try it through the clues on the web. You are more than sure to find a good treasure.


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Calle Roncesvalles, 1,
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  • How to play?

    We have two types of routes: The Treasure of Al-Muqtadir and the simple routes.
    In the case of the Treasure of Al-Muqtadir, the route goes through the main cities of the Pre-Pyrenees. In them, and through a series of clues that we have left on the website, you will be given a number with which you will unlock through the web a GPS address where there is hidden part of the treasure of Al-Muqtadir.
    The simple routes, in which there is a common theme such as Lost Trades or the Sepharad Route, are a walk through different villages, in each one there is a hidden treasure that you must find with the help of a GPS.

    All locations are geolocated through the free mobile application

    What do I do when I find the treasure?

    When you find it you must sign the sheet included, you must also put it back in its place, remember that we all want to play, and it is very frustrating to arrive and not to find anything because someone has taken it. And remember that you can take part of the treasure, as long as you leave another one in exchange, for that reason it is important that you take small pieces, toys, badges, or whatever you can think of to exchange.




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