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A new concept: health tourism. It is a multidisciplinary space where there is room for emotions and absolutely unique experiences. A different model based on a strong personality, authenticity and your well-being.

The journey in which the most important destination is yourself. The space where you can disconnect to reconnect with yourself, with your best version. In a natural environment where silence prevails, we invite you to live a time for you. To prevent is to live and for this reason the programs, retreats and healthy activities that our qualified health personnel design in a personalized way are ideal. We work to improve your physical, mental and emotional health in a holistic and integral way. You deserve to shine and recover your personal well-being. Come discover yourself, relax Live.
Health, Wellness, Sustainability, Well-being, Living Well.


C. San Martín, 29,
44750 Martín del Río,

622 09 36 09

Where do you want to travel?

Spaces created with the heart.
Get ready to travel with all your senses, without luggage, by just closing your eyes. These are the destinations we have prepared for you, through unique experiences and rooms, different, with soul, decorated and set in exotic places that will captivate you.


Wellness, energy, illusion, love, peace.
Do not come to disconnect, come to reconnect with yourself, do it for your health (Xtusalud), it is the best gift you can ever give yourself. Spoil yourself, take care of yourself, listen to yourself, you have a lot to tell you and if you don’t lower the volume you won’t be able to perceive the messages you have for yourself.



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