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Hearing the deer rutting is always overwhelming and very special. If you add to that a unique landscape, the Montes Universales, and specialized guides, the experience is complete.

You will discover, always from the point of view of conservation and enjoyment of nature, the hidden corners of the Sierra de Albarracín, but also to read tracks and traces of animals, the behavior of deer in their natural habitat and the importance of the Hunting Reserve for their environment. Always with environmental education as a mechanism for the transmission of knowledge.


Quercus Aventura
C/ del Carro, 25.
Moscardón (Teruel)
699 788 653 ó 636 959 794

The king of the forest. Listening to the Berrea in Sierra de Albarracín

After the long summer, when the temperatures begin to drop, the evenings become shorter and the first rains of September begin, the deer of the Sierra de Albarracín enter their rut, also known as “berrea”, because of the guttural sounds emitted by the males to attract females to their territory. For more than a month, the tireless males, without hardly eating, rut throughout the night and in the early hours of the day.
The activity that we propose to you consists in approaching areas where groups of rutting deer are located. The best times to observe and listen to the deer are at dawn and dusk.

We depart in small groups (no more than 12 people), making a small trail, where we can observe signs and marks of the animals that inhabit the forests of the Sierra de Albarracín, while we begin to hear the sounds of the males.

At the end of our route we reach an area with good visibility where we place the spotting scopes and with the binoculars we observe the groups of deer that move among the colors of autumn on the slopes, woods and meadows.



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