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A unique experience in the country that gives you the chance to sleep in the middle of nature under the starry sky of the Pyrenees in winter. The activity begins with a snowmobile or sled ride pulled by Nordic dogs in a spectacular snowy landscape

We will build an igloo where you can spend the night in the purest Eskimo style, in the most comfortable way, enjoying the snowy mountains, the moon and the stars, to awake at dawn in a fabulous environment.

And we will also taste typical Aragonese products of the Tena Valley in the heat of the fire in a mountain refuge. All this will be accompanied by professionals.

What does this experience include?

Mountain guide
Dinner and breakfast
Transportation in sleds and snowmobile

Not included

Bring warm, waterproof and thermal clothing.
Personal care kit
Polarized goggles and ski boots


Carretera de Francia s/n, 22663,
Tramastilla de Tena, Huesca

693 695 580

Pick up at the meeting point and transfer in 4×4 vehicles

The client is picked up at the agreed time and a transfer is made from Tramacastilla village to the activity area in our 4×4 vehicles. In this first contact we will make a presentation of the team in charge of the group and a description of the day.

1/2h. or 1 hour snowmobile route.

Once we arrive with the 4×4 to the activity area, where we will be given an explanation of the operation of the motorcycles. When the group is equipped and ready, a night route to the shepherds’ refuge of Puerto Escarra begins. The route runs along the now snowy forest track, making it easy to drive but no less exciting, along the route there will be stops at the most spectacular sites where details and stories of the area will be explained.

Arrival at Refuge and Welcome.

Little by little, the route advances towards the destination. We arrive at the refuge. When we open the door we will find a person who welcomes us with a hot broth and a lit fire. It is time to warm up and relax.

Construction of the Igloo

After a snack it’s time to get warm again… It’s time to build an igloo together! With the help of a monitor and in the surroundings of the shelter we start the construction of the igloo. Consider that there is room for 2-3 people in each igloo, so groups are formed to work as a team and collaborate in the construction of what is going to be our room for one night.
When they are finished they are equipped with all the necessary material for its later use, all this once again; between everybody.

Mountain Hut Dinner

After the exercise and the cooperative “work” outdoors, it’s time to return to the shelter where we will see how local products are cooked with an authentic mountain cooker’s equipment, railway pots, spits, slate… to later start a dinner with typical products of Aragon, such as Migas a La Pastora and grilled Ternasco. All served with local wines and other typical products and Km 0.

After-dinner next to the warmth of the fire

After dinner we have a moment to relax together. At this point we always see great interest on your part, mostly urbanites, for stories of the Valley, ways of life, services in a high mountain environment and so on. Personally, we are happy to transmit our experiences and knowledge of the environment, creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Night in Igloo

The time has come for everyone to retire to their rooms. The technical equipment we have at our disposal ensures a comfortable and above all warm night in the igloos. Note that part of the team sleeps in the shelter and they are available and prepared for any kind of incident.

Dawn and breakfast.

There is no fixed time to wake up, but there are many who wake up at dawn (and some that we have to wake up!) Waking up in the middle of winter, in the heart of the Pyrenees at almost 2000 m. altitude is something you have to live, the words are short and the emotion of those who live it is immense. We have breakfast where we share impressions with the participants. The breakfast consists of coffee, tea, pastries, juices, fruit…

1/2h or 1 hour snowmobile / mushing route.

Once breakfast is over, participants collaborate in the pick up of the materials of their igloo and after their personal hygiene and equipment we return to the snowmobiles to start a new route, this time during the day. If the previous night we were overwhelmed by the excitement and surprise to circulate in the dark helped by the headlights, headlamps and hopefully; the moon, now is the time to appreciate the immensity of the Valley of La Partacua in all its splendor. As this is the second route and it is done during the day, we go into plains where the participants, within a limit, can squeeze more out of the bikes and feel the adrenaline of speed always within a limit..



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