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Can you think of a better way to get started in water adventure sports enjoying the environment and the intense contact with nature than enjoying an experience like a fish in the water?

Through our activity you will discover how to feel, live and enjoy the Gallego river and its rapids in a different way. Guided by professionals you will learn to swim, use and enjoy the currents of a whitewater river.

Like a salmon, you will learn to go upstream and acquire skills to glide, navigate and even jump like the best dolphins.


UR Rafting
Ctra. A 132, Km 38
22808 Murillo de Gállego (Huesca)
974 383 048

For everyone

Our instructors will go along with you throughout the adventure to make you feel like a fish in the Gállego river. After putting on our equipment and a life jacket, they will adapt the stretch of the river to the experience and physical capacity of the participants. Once in the water they will teach us how to go up, slide, navigate, jump, and navigate rapids.


                    EL PREPIRINEO

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