As soon as the public crosses the drawbridge of the Castle, they find themselves immersed in an exciting journey that begins by saying goodbye to the last family that lived in the old Burnao neighbourhood, and who were expelled by Philip II to build this fortress to address the imminent danger of invasion by the Huguenots.

From then on, a series of misunderstandings will lead the public to be confused with the fortress construction brigade, and they will also end up becoming soldiers of the Spanish Tercios, all this in an exciting journey through history, architecture, art, but above all with a lot of humour and the continuous participation of the public.


Ciudadela de Jaca

Av. del Primer Viernes de Mayo, s/n
22700 Jaca (Huesca)
974 357 157

  • Citadel Guided Tour

    Visit with a guide the most emblematic corners of the fortress of the Citadel of Jaca with a tour of about 45 minutes. In addition, you can visit the Museum of Military Miniatures and temporary exhibitions.


    Environmental education activity for the whole family in the format of an Escape Room that takes place in different areas of the fortress, which are not included in the usual visit circuit.

    The Memory of the Stone

    Dramatized visit to the Citadel of Jaca. A spectacle that takes us back to the end of the 16th century, when Felipe II ordered the construction of this fortress

    Visit at your leisure to the Citadel

    Visit without a guide the Citadel of Jaca, the Museum of Military Miniatures and the temporary exhibitions.

    Little visits

    Live a historical adventure with Pequevisitas. Visit the Citadel and the Museum of Military Miniatures in a didactic, fun and self-guided way, through two challenges

    Exhibit “Crosses and medals on the uniforms of our soldiers”

    A display of military decorations from the Javier Novella Guindín collection.

    From December 1 to January 30



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