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Artistic experience of Trarutan, LOS SUEÑOS DE ARADA (DREAMS OF ARADA)

LOS SUEÑOS DE ARADA immerses us in the architecture of La Alfranca-Zaragoza (a space where nature and history shape the landscape), to live an evening of contemporary dance, live music, performance, interpretation and poetry, all bathed in suggestive atmospheres, site-specific installations created with organic materials, lighting effects that accentuate the poetry of the space and the capacity of evocation. LOS SUEÑOS DE ARADA opens the doors to an experience in which one can walk through spaces where darkness reveals the work of art.

Artists who will participate in the experience:
Pilar Almalé
Laura López
Miguinti Mandala
Yago de Mateo
Sofía Díaz
Design and direction_ Nacho Arantegui 
Trarutan Team_ Cristina Berlanga, Alberto Monreal, Lucía Ruiz.


Organiza: Gobierno de Aragón
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The event takes place in September and October 2021.
September Fridays and Saturdays_3,4 10,11 17,18 24,25
October Friday and Saturday_ 1,2
First show – 21h
Second show – 22.30h
Approximate duration -1 hour and 30 minutes
Meeting point – Bar de La Alfranca.
We recommend arriving 15 minutes before the start of the event.

This year the evenings take place inside the architectural spaces, so we do not depend on the weather for its development.
Activity for all audiences, children from 7 years old.
Small groups so that you can live the experience in an intimate way.
Accessible environment for people with reduced mobility.
Capacity adapted to COVID measures.
Ticket sales will be subject to COVID-19 regulations in use at the time of the event.
Photography is prohibited, Trarutan will publish images of the event on its Facebook accounts (@Trarutan).
Facebook (@Trarutan) and web



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