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In this magical area anything can happen, even flying. You can see the wonderful wheat fields, vineyards, trees, rivers and different villages and monumental cities aboard… a ultralight!

Who has not ever dreamed of flying? A wonderful experience…, especially if you do it in a natural environment like the Moncayo and Peñas de Herrera, at the foot of the vineyards of “La Ruta de la Garnacha” (Aragon Tourist Interest Area) in the countryside of Borja or historical places like Trasmoz Castle, Veruela, etc… Let yourself go and enjoy the sightseeing from a different point of view and if you dare, pilot the plane yourself, with the peace of mind of having an instructor beside you who will explain all the details of piloting, increasing the feeling of freedom that this flying experience offers.


1903 Escuela de Vuelo

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1903 Flying School

The 1903 Flying School was born out of the passion for flying and its objective is to bring this beautiful activity closer to all those who have also had the dream of flying.

Flight baptism

We propose several routes: from the riverside of the Ebro with its meanders, the environment of Bardenas, visit the Moncayo and its foothills … You can also customize the route you want.



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