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Can you imagine being able to touch the peaks of the Pyrenees with your fingers?

This is what happens when you fly in the Santa Cilia Aerodrome aboard a sailplane or glider through the Jacetania region. The easiest flight focuses mainly on the valleys of Aragón, Aísa, Aragüés del Puerto, Hecho and Ansó, but if you dare to do more and the conditions are good we may be able to go as far as Andorra.

No experience is necessary. The Santa Cilia Aerodrome has the best conditions for gliding and it is a reference point for gliding for pilots from all over Europe. It has a pilot training school and organizes hundreds of special events.


Aeródromo de Santa Cilia,
22791 Santa Cilia, Huesca

974 377 610

Baptism Flight

Do you want to enjoy a new experience? Do you like flying? In that case the Baptism Flight is your best option.

Amazing Pyrenees

Did you feel that your baptism flight was not enough and you want more?… You need “Amazing Pyrenees”, an experience that will take you to visit the peaks closest to the aerodrome. The Visaurín, Aspe, Peña Forca, Collarada. You will seem to be able to touch them, we will see the mountaineers, maybe the sarrios, and of course …the vultures.

Advanced Pyrenees

We will go wherever the winds take us, with no fixed destination: Vignemale? peaks of the Inferno? maybe the Aneto peak? Or maybe you prefer the Sierra de Guara … or we can even go as far as Andorra. You will experience the pleasure of flying for the simple pleasure of flying. If you are a mountaineer you will enjoy contemplating in four or five hours all the peaks of the Pyrenees that you have climbed on foot. get your camera ready!

Glider Pilot Course

The Glider Pilot title is an official qualification regulated by the European Aviation Safety Agency and is taught at the Santa Cilia Aerodrome using basic and advanced courses. It is easier than you think and if you have already dared with any of the previous experiences the first step is already taken.

Mountain flying course

The course consists of two hours of theoretical course and three flights that will add up to a minimum of 9 hours of flight. The flights are done in an advanced glider (Duo Discus or DG1000) with an instructor specialized in this type of flights. It is destined to glider pilots who have a valid license and want to improve their flying technique in the high mountains.

Activities for companies and schoolchildren

Activities to know and enjoy the world of aviation. Contact us and we will inform you of everything we can do.



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