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We will know the underwater history of Fayón navigating through the waters that now cover it. A shocking story that connects you with those people who 50 years ago saw how their intrahistory disappeared under the Ribarroja reservoir.

We explain the history through navigation and the senses. The memories of the Old Town of Fayón (under the waters of the Ebro River, in the Ribarroja reservoir) are intensely experienced when you sail through the waters that flood them. From a boat above the old streets, squares and houses, you will listen to the shocking story that tells the stories of people who lived on the banks of the Ebro 50 years ago and saw their homes flooded.

We will reach Castillo Badón climbing up through footbridges and contemplate the bell tower of the old church that stands out in the water as a silent witness of history.


Oficina de Turismo de Fayón
Espacio Rivus Coworking
Pol. Industrial Vintem

976 63 59 59 ext. 3

Discover Fishing
We prepare a package of activities to DISCOVER FISHING fishing (4 h).

Taste a thousand flavors

We suggest the combination of an excursion with the Llaüt, to navigate along the Ebro and Matarraña rivers, paired with appetizers DO Aragón and a visit to one of the modernist wineries of Terra Alta.

A river of adventures

One of the most daring ways to navigate over the old town of Fayón is to do it with a kayak. And if you still want more, you can also practice paddle surfing in the calm waters of the Ribaroja reservoir.



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