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The guided tour takes place in the Cultural Park of the Martín River, particularly in the municipal districts of Oliete and Ariño (Teruel).

We will see the Sima de San Pedro in Oliete, the Baths of Ariño and the dinosaur ichnites of the Escuriza river in Ariño. An interesting proposal to learn more about geology and to know one of the most interesting areas of Teruel. The visit lasts three hours and it is necessary to have your own vehicle.


C/Gascón de Gotor 7 Entlo. Dcha.
661 341 281

Sima de San Pedro and site of Ariño

To begin this adventure, we will be waiting for you at the entrance of Ariño, right next to the site of dinosaur footprints of the Escuriza river. There we will relive one of the most important historical events of the region; an authentic space to understand how life was turned into stone.
We will continue to the Sima de San Pedro, a unique place in Europe. This large opening in the surface is a hole in time that transports us to an ancient sea, now non-existent. It is also home to a great diversity of small animals that, together with its environment, complement this exceptional experience that you will not forget.
To end a morning full of surprises, we will meet at the Ariño Spa to walk to the springs known as the Ariño Baths. This corner offers you the warmth of its waters that make a long and deep journey through the interior of the Earth to get here.



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