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The Dragon’s Secret is a fantastic adventure to play with the family while enjoying nature. A combination, thanks to new technologies, of the real world with augmented reality.

You will have an epic mission: to restore the friendship between dragons and humans. A fantastic journey through four different worlds that you will reach by unlocking the instruction maps of the path to follow, at the same time that will give you information about the flora, fauna, mythology and legends of the area. To get through these worlds you will have to solve challenges, decipher riddles and play as a family. But above all giving free rein to your imagination.

Look for the dragon and be surprised to see him coming out of fountains, rocks or meadows. An exciting adventure for the little ones of the house, but that will captivate the whole family.
The family vacation experience, The Dragon’s Secret, can be done as a group or as an individual self-guided tour.


Planeta 40
Avenida Monegros, 29 bajos.
22005 Huesca

Option “Groups” December holiday weekend and Easter in Villanúa (Pyrenees of Huesca)

The “dragon seekers”, protectors of this magical animal, will solve the mystery of one of the last dragons and restore the millenary friendship between dragons and humans. A great adventure that we have prepared for you and your family.

A vacation with children in the beautiful mountain village of Villanúa in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

  •  Sledding and games in the snow with our children.
  • Going into a cave with a dramatized visit.
  • Enjoying ice skating with the children
  •  Discover the secrets of nature as a family visiting the Pyrenees National Park with an environmental educator.
  • Games and workshops on orienteering, free expression, experimentation…

Do you want to spend the December long weekend or Easter with your family in a different way, do you want to enjoy a well-deserved holiday with your children, do you want to forget about the day to day and dedicate all your time to enjoy with your family? If you answered yes then contact us because we have the perfect plan for families with children of all ages to spend a family vacation in the Aragonese Pyrenees with our adventure “The secret of the dragon”.

Whenever and wherever you want.

If you want to know a region of Aragon playing with your family, contact us and we will customize your adventure so you can enjoy it with your children at your own pace. We can adapt the game to the geographical area you want and when you want.



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