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“El Baúl de la Naturaleza” is a perfect experience to enjoy with the family. It takes place in Anento, a small village in the region of Daroca.

After a walk to Aguallueve of Anento accompanied by our trunk.
In our trunk we will find boxes and boxes with traces that animals leave behind. The little ones will help us open these boxes and explain the treasures. The last box is the music box. It contains calls that the guide will play while the participants try to guess to whom each trill belongs.


Asociación Turística guíate
C/ Hiladores Altos, 28,
50017, Daroca (Zaragoza)
690 739 108

What does the experience consist of?

In our walk through the village and its natural environment we will talk about the flora and fauna that we have nearby, we will see and hear some animals that live in the countryside, but many others, shy and fearful, will not let us see them, but they always leave us a wink to let us know that they exist, that they are there, although wild and scary, they are part of our territory and we have to live with them, and what a better way than knowing them.
We have collected many of these marks that animals leave us in nature in El Baúl de la Naturaleza. All of us around the trunk and with the help of the little ones, we will uncover the trunk and discover that inside we have an infinity of boxes, classified by different groups of animals, birds, mammals, reptiles…
Boxes and more boxes that will be opened by volunteers who wish to go out with the monitor and that will be teaching and helping him to explain.
How deer and roe deer horns change and grow, from which are the different feathers that are inside the trunk, what types of nests we can find, what are the names of the insects that make their nests of mud, which is the bird that lays the smallest eggs and which the largest, what are the different tracks we have, skulls, feathers…
After opening, discovering and explaining all the secrets that are kept in the boxes contained in the trunk, where we will find eggs, feathers, nests, footprints, bones, horns, etc., we will arrive at the last box, the music box.
A box that inside hides something very appreciated by man for ages, the song of the birds, a box with those small instruments called calls that played in the right way reproduces in detail the song of the chosen bird.
As a guessing game, the monitor will play different calls for the whole family to try to guess it, with clues and a good ear, all together we will discover which bird it is. And with this, but not before getting a tattoo of a fox footprint, we will say goodbye, after making our visit to Anento and our Baúl de la Naturaleza a unique and unforgettable experience.



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