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The Pyrenees is full of activity. But if we go with children we often wonder: What do we do now in Villanúa?

The Ecoparque el Juncaral -Amazonia Project is one of the most innovative leisure parks with activities in the province of Huesca.

You can do many different activities: Choose some of the 5 zip-line circuits with its 60 games in the trees (3 hours), try the FútbolGolf (play golf with your feet, 1 hour ) , set up 2 teams of 5 people and challenge your friends and family to a Laser Combat (1 or 2 hours), show your Robin Hood skills with archery in an amazing 3D circuit, or take a relaxing family ride in canoes or discover our territory on the back of a horse or a pony and our latest addition the El Juncaral Lake.


Centro de Interpretación “Subterránea”
22870 Villanúa (Huesca)
974 378 465


Soccer-golf is a fun game perfect for families and groups of friends of all ages who love the ball. It helps develop skill, aim and reflexes. The objective: to put the soccer ball in the hole, as if it were a golf competition.

Includes: The balls and the 18-hole course in the forest of El Juncaral. Football-golf is a sporting activity, easy and fun. Suitable for everyone (and in particular for children), it can be played individually, as a family or as a team. The aim of the activity is to get the ball from the starting point to the hole marked with the final flag in as few touches as possible.

Duration: 1 h 30 min. approximately.
Languages: Spanish/French and English.


There are 5 high altitude trails, ordered by level of difficulty, which do not require any physical preparation. It is a park for everyone: adults, teenagers and children. They will have a great time in the middle of nature enjoying, for approximately 3 hours, 60 games and 15 impressive zip lines.
The minimum age to use the zip line circuits is over 6 years old and the minimum height is 1.15 m. Groups of up to 80 people are allowed.

Canoe trip

The Canoes of El Juncaral are specially designed so that families with small children can enjoy together a pleasant nautical trip. Discovering nature in complete safety. The activity takes place in double canoes. Going through an artificial channel, through the magnificent pine forest of El Juncaral, next to the Aragon River. There is no risk, they are equipped with life jackets, there are no currents and its maximum depth is 80 cm. It will be an unforgettable experience for the little ones.

It can be booked for groups of up to a maximum of 17 people at the same time. (6 double canoes and 5 single canoes).

The trip is circular, with an approximate duration of one hour. The activity includes the qualified personnel, the double or single canoes, the life jacket and all the safety material for the navigation.

Duration: 1 hour, approximately.
Languages: Spanish/French and English.

3D Archery

For the archery on the track, each user is given the basic instructions and basics of archery. To test their aim on a series of targets located at different distances. Once the basic technique has been mastered, they can move on to the 3D circuit. A route through the interior of the forest in which different 3D figures of wild animals will appear. On them you will have to hit the target from moving walkways and raised platforms. It is a very fun and educational activity, ideal for families and groups of friends.
Minimum age: over 8 years old and 1.15 m. tall. Groups, maximum 10 people at a time.
Includes: Bow, arrows, protections, targets, instructor and 3D course in the forest of El Juncaral.

Duration: 2 hours, approximately.
Languages: Spanish/French

Horse or pony riding

You can enjoy the magnificent surroundings of the Pyrenees. Discovering hidden paths around Villanúa, in the forest of Juncaral, next to the Aragon river, or passing through the Tolosana route of the Camino de Santiago. This nature ride with horses is both exciting and relaxing. A fantastic souvenir of your vacation at the foothills of the Collarada massif.

Includes: The horses and ponies, the helmets, the instructor and the 1 hour or ½ hour route through a magnificent landscape of the Pyrenees.

Laser combat

Laser Combat is the evolution of paintball: it doesn’t stain, it doesn’t hurt, it is suitable for everyone and it is a lot of fun. It is a strategy game, with different missions. The group, led by the game monitor, will have to achieve the objectives set. Teamwork, cooperation and sometimes leadership skills are key elements in the development of this game.
It is an activity in nature but with a language that young people handle very well, the one of the dynamic video games in team. Minimum age: over 8 years old and 1.15 m. tall. Maximum group size: 12 people at a time.

Includes: Laser weapons with a range of 200 meters (12 weapons) to play in 2 or 3 teams, between friends or family, the game space between the trees (with obstacles, huts, etc …) and camouflage vest.

Operational dates: From April to mid-October.

Winter: Special openings on long weekends, vacations and groups by reservation.
May and June: Open weekends and holidays from 10:00 to 19:00 hours.
July 1 to July 20 to September 13: Open daily from 10:00 to 20:00 hours.
September 13 to October 12: Open weekends and holidays from 10:00 to 19:00 hours.

Duration: approximately 1 hour of activity.
Languages: Spanish/French and English.



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