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Enjoy direct interaction with deer, being able to touch them, feed them, observe them and get to know them.and learn how a herd of animals behaves, just as they do in nature.

It is an activity totally adapted to any kind of public with and without special needs. This makes the vital experience unforgettable and provokes in the visitor a feeling of empathy and respect for nature. And all this in a unique setting: the citadel of Jaca. A unique experience of knowledge and appreciation of the natural environment in family.

  • Activity with animals
  • Semi-outdoor activity. Remember to protect yourself from the sun
  • Totally adapted for any kind of public

    Av del Primer Viernes de Mayo, S/N,
    22700 Jaca, Huesca
    656 771 497

    Manolo’s Story

    Audiovisual explaining how certain human actions affect a natural ecosystem. Manolo was the dominant deer of the herd of animals living in the moat, he died because of the ingestion of plastics that reached the moat.
    Through the video with his story, we present the problem and the solutions to it.

    Access to the Citadel Moat

    The group goes down to the moat, a space that until now has been restricted to visitors, where they observe first-hand the behavior of a herd of deer that live in a state of semi-freedom, and on which we try to keep human interaction to a minimum.

    Oroel, Ciudadela and Guara

    Finally we met other protagonists: Oroel, Ciudadela and Guara, fawns that for different reasons, came to the project and had to be taken care of to ensure their recovery. As they have a direct relationship with their caregivers, they do not consider humans as something negative and allow them to interact with them. In this activity, visitors interact directly with animals that are so difficult to see up close, they can feed them, etc.

    Fully accesible – An adapted activity

    Having completely adapted the activity, both the space and the resources, to any special needs that any of the participants may have in terms of mobility, visual, cognitive or physical disabilities, gives the project an added value.

    The experience that certain groups have, who generally do not find offers that fit their needs and especially not so sensory, gives the project an integrating character.



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