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A different way to visit the medieval jewel that is Daroca. The tour begins with a snack dinner tasting local products at the Hotel Cien Balcones, cheese, honey, potatoes, pasta, vegetables, nuts, sausages … all in tapa format to enjoy an elaborate cocktail. The dinner ends with a tasting of one of the most famous local sweets: the Mudejares of the master bakers Manuel Segura.

From there and following the main street we will walk through the night scenery of Daroca, along with our guide who will explain the history of the city until we reach the Mina de Daroca. It is not a mining exploitation but one of the great engineering works of the sixteenth century, a system to prevent the city from flooding. There we are welcomed by a large illuminated tunnel, we are under the mountain, and along its 600 meters we will discover its anecdotes and past.

After touring the mine we arrive at a small walk through the narrows that the water has excavated and that looks like a slide, known as the Rodadera. There, with the help of a motorized telescope, low light pollution and our guide, we will explore the night sky.


Asociación Turística Guíate

Cien Balcones

One of the most unique hotel establishments in Daroca. In its cafeteria we will enjoy an informal snack dinner so that participants can engage in conversation before starting the visit.
The menu consists of:
– Cheeses from Langa del Castillo
– Sausages and wines from Acered
– Risotto with truffle and mushrooms from Orcajo.
– Migas with eggs from Villareal and sausages from Acered.
– Langa del Castillo fresh cheese bonbons with salmon.


Manuel Segura

One of the oldest pastry shops in Spain is located in Daroca. In it more than three generations have been dedicated to prepare and improve the sweets that Manuel Segura began to elaborate.
As a finishing touch to our dinner we will enjoy some Mudéjares, delicious crunchy almond and pistachio caramelized with cream, on a 70% cocoa chocolate base. They were created as a tribute to the Mudejar of Aragon, declared a World Heritage Site in 2001.


La Mina and Night Sky

The 600 meters of gallery excavated in rock served for the city of Daroca to put a definitive end to one of its recurring dangers: floods. This work is a marvel of civil engineering of the sixteenth century and was designed by the architect Pierres Vedel, architect also of the Viaduct of Teruel.

After leaving the Mine we will observe the night sky, planets, satellites, constellations… all with the help of a powerful telescope.



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