Our Chronicles of Rasmia are restarted every year in the municipality of Urriés, in the Bal d’Onsella (Cinco Villas Region, Saragossa).

Giving a twist to the traditional cultural events, we have devised the perfect formula for visitors to actively integrate into the annual local celebrations, with dates in each of the 4 seasons. This tourist experience is designed for tourism in general with interests in history, culture and traditions.
Each visitor will have their own passport in which their participations will be stamped, so that, once they have gone around the sun, their experience in the Chronicles of Rasmia comes to an end.


Ayuntamiento de Urriés
C/Del Horno, 1
Urriés, (Zaragoza)
948 439 095

  • Spring, Carnival celebration.

    We begin the year at the beginning of spring with the celebration of Carnival, of the traditional carnival of the five towns and Urriés itself. The morning begins with a preparatory talk/workshop on what is going to happen. The typical characters of the carnival are explained; the Amortajau , which represents death; the Esquilón, dressed in skins and shears, or the Allaga, with gorse on their backs, and we add to the local tradition, painting their faces with ashes to go out at night to scare the neighbors and each visitor are given the material so that they can participate in the party.

    Summer, the Cultural Days of Urriés

    The next activity arrives in June (summer), the most important surely and declared Activity of Regional Interest and Best national active tourism product at Fitur 2020 , Urriés Cultural Days. A party with a central cultural theme, where everyone participates in clothes from the time of talks, street dramatizations carried out by the neighbors where the visitor is involved, gastronomy of the time represented, music, workshops, shows…. Here our visitors will not be mere spectators but will be part of the recreation by actively participating in the different acts.

    In past editions we have already represented the Middle Ages, the 20s, the 60s, the Inquisition, the Renaissance and this year 2023 we will talk about rural exodus, the closure of schools, thus returning to the mid-70s .

    Autumn, Urriés Music Festival.

    In early autumn, late September early October (autumn), we celebrate the Urriés Music Festival. A festival that aims to return to the rural world that culture that was born in it and from which it was stripped. To bring to a municipality as small as ours, classical music, folk, jazz, music with theater, lights and above all workshops so that those who come to enjoy it can participate and feel part of the festival; batucada workshops, music and yoga workshops, music therapy…..

    Winter, Santa Barbara

    And to close the cycle, at the end of the year, we celebrate the festival of Santa Bárbara (winter). A party where it ends, but also where everything begins. Where fire exercises its purifying work. The first workshop is held to prepare the costumes for the conferences, in which our visitors will actively participate, but above all the costumes of the carnival characters< /strong>. Added to this are popular dinners, jumping over the bonfire and dramatized guided tours of the municipality; museums, church or dungeon. Visit made by a reporter character from the 20s, the church is shown by characters dressed in our Romanesque paintings, the museums are full of life with inhabitants who interact with the visitors, etc.

    All designed to create a different space, where you always feel that you are part of it, in a place and time different from the one you thought you were going to visit.


High Quality Theme

There is a fine line between creating greatness and accomplishing awesomeness. This time, we worked to prove that sky is not the limit.

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