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Light, music and architecture come together to give shape to a multimedia show that uses the church of San Pedro de los Francos, in Calatayud, as a canvas.

The light of AURORA reveals the richness of the heritage of the Church of San Pedro de los Francos and invites us to celebrate its beauty. A progressive immersion in a captivating, sound and visual universe that shows visitors the heart of the historical heritage of Calatayud. Light, music, staging and magnificent architecture in a unique multimedia show in Aragon. A new sensory experience that highlights the architectural details of the temple and envelops the viewer in an overwhelming universe of light and sound. Let yourself be transported by AURORA and discover an unexpected and amazing universe presented in one of the most sublime canvas: The Church of San Pedro de los Francos in Calatayud.


Oficina de Turismo de Calatayud

Pl. España, 1,
50300 Calatayud, (Zaragoza)

976 886 332

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San Pedro de los Francos
The most important elements of this church are its Gothic front and its Mudejar tower, which is surprising not only for its construction but also for its pronounced inclination. This inclination was caused by the passage of the Rúa ravine at its feet. The construction of the church dates back to the 14th century. The brick tower was surely built earlier.



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