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How can I participate?

To participate as an Aragonese Tourist Experience you must develop a different and participative activity within the territory. In addition you must have the endorsement of some association or local entity that supports your work there where you are. We really think that there are hundreds of experiences ready to be known and spread. We hope to hear from you.

A different way of knowing the landscape

To do something different, to live an adventure is to generate a new way to know landscapes, sometimes already known.

Generate memories

The experiences make a place much more than that, it is a memory for our whole life.

Create repetition

Places where you have a good time you have a good memory and you plan and recommend other trips.

Participates in the next edition of the Prize

In the first edition of the Tourist Experiences Prize we collected 25 experiences, which are the ones available on this website.

But we know that they are not the only ones. Come and participate with us in the next edition and give your business greater visibility.

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