Ibonear a new verb you can do in Aragon. Discover mountain pearls, small glacial lakes in fairytale landscapes.

A new verb: Ibonear

We have invented a new verb for a wonderful sensation: Ibonear. Ibonear is like finding you an oasis in the middle of a desert. It is the joy of resting on the banks of the Pyrenean lakes while you see what has been done and what remains for you to walk.

The ibons are small lakes of glacial origin that spread through the Pyrenees. They have a name in Aragonese: ibón. And a great wealth since they are extremely rare. They are lakes that can remain under the ice for months and are always in places with great scenic interest.

The ibons are like pearls in the middle of the mountains.

10 ibones that you can not miss

There are ibones that easy and difficult access, assess your physical conditions and learn how to practice a safe climb in the mountain before setting off. But these ibons are the 10 most recommended:

1- Estanes
In the western Pyrenees in Ansó the Ibón de Estanes is bordered by meadows that, in summer, occupy herds
of horses grazing
2- Acherito
In the Western Pyrenees, collected under an impressive limestone needles, which contrast with the horizontality and stillness of its waters.
3- Anayet
The ibises of Anayet (Sallent de Gállego) offer a spectacle of peat bogs on which the Anayet peak rises and, above all, a beautiful print of the French peak Midi d’Ossau.
4- Blues
The blue ibols (Panticosa) are another placid corner of water and alpine tasca, in this case, before the mole of the peaks or pimps Garmo Blanco, Alta de Pondiellos and the Fridge, known as Hell.
5- Arrieles
The bluish-green water of Arriel (Sallent de Gallego), mirroring between sharp peaks, are difficult to forget, like the beautiful road leading to them.
6- Bernatuara
In the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, there is the one of Bernatuara (Torla), in one of those solitary places and calm from where to let fly the imagination towards …
7- Marboré
The Ibor of Marboré (Bielsa) is located in an immense flat surrounded by peaks, among which the north face of the Treserols or Monte Perdido Point, where its glacier is caught, stands out.
8- Plan
In an idyllic corner of the Cotiella massif, between rock ridges, forests and meadows, the ibón de Plan or Basa de la Mora (Plan) plunges us into a world of fairy tale.
9- Escarpinosa
Also surrounded by black pine forests, which, together with the mountains of the Benasque valley, make them one of the most beautiful lakes in the Pyrenees.
10- Batisielles
Located in the valley of Estós, very close to Benasque, and surrounded by high peaks, green meadows and dense forests of spruce and black pine. And it is considered one of the most beautiful places in the valley of Benasque.


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