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How to participate in the Tourism Experiences awards
Philosophy of the project

Our Objetive

In the Tourism PAET developed in 2016 emerged as an element to promote experiences within the tourism sector. That is to say, we do not just stay in what can be seen but what can be done in a territory.

To this end, the Tourism Experiences prize was proposed, a way to inventory all that heritage in tourist innovation that the sector year by year broadens.

Give visibility

Our Mission

The mission of Tourism of Aragon is to collect and offer those people who visit us clear and truthful information of what they can do in our land. For this we elaborate this web so that it is a reference when planning a trip to Aragon.

A simple system

This portal connects directly with the reservation data of each of the experiences. We are not responsible for your management, we only communicate.


The experiences can be consulted from any corner of the planet. Our partners give immediate response to the requests that arise.


Knowing what each territory offers is the most complete way to know what we can do and therefore to plan our trip well.

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