10 crazy things to do with friends

We present the 10 best things to do with friends in Aragon. They are original experiences to enjoy to the maximum in group. Special birthdays, bachelor parties or simply groups of friends who do not want to do the same story over and over again. Discover the 10 best experiences in Aragon.

Feel the taste of adrenaline

Bored to always do the same? !Awake! We bring you the 10 best plans to make with friends. They are activity adventures that you can do in a group and that will make you feel alive again.
Get ready to discover activities you did not know you could do so close to or that were so much fun.

Not a single day without emotion in Aragon

Top 10 adventures to run with friends

1- Build an igloo and sleep in it

Did you think that was only done at the North Pole? Well, no. In the Tena Valley they help you and guide you to build one and spend the night. An adventure that combines with a dinner in the middle of the mountain with typical products and snowmobiles and sleds … More info

2- Visit a vineyard mounted on a dog sled

A unique way to see a vineyard at the foot of the Moncayo. Auna a more relaxed experience with a purely active one. Mounted on the sled you feel the strength of draft dogs while you enjoy the colors of the vines and surroundings. More info

3- Crossing the Búbal reservoir in zip line

Almost 1 kilometer suspended over water. An activity for strong hearts and people without vertigo. Safety is maximum in this adventure where it is your mind that has to control the sensations that you are feeling. More info

4- Water skiing

Almost, almost bordering the desert you can practice water skiing. The Sea of ​​Aragon offers you the possibility of enjoying water sports at the door of the house. More info

5- Driving a Ferrari

If you do not like luxury and speed this is not your adventure. Feel the king of the circuit for a day at the controls of a very powerful Ferrari. The Motorland circuit gives you the opportunity to drive it. More info

6- Ingrávido on the Pyrenees

Have you always wanted to know how you feel the bearded vultures flying over the peaks? !Do it! It plans without motor for the Pyrenees and feels the weightlessness and the placidness of a flight without motor. More info

7- Canyoning

Do you remember those western movies where the protagonists had to go down a river with rapids? No need to go that far. In Aragon we have the best conditions for the practice of this adventure. More info

8- Dinner while skiing

And not a sad dinner of homemade sandwich. No. The School of Hospitality Guayente prepares a great dinner to taste it in Cerler in its different dimensions. A very special dinner in a unique atmosphere. More info

9- Get down to a mining well in a wagon

Feel like Indiana Jones, ride a wagon and experience the descent into the mine. The lack of natural light, the warm feeling of the stone, everything like the miners who extracted lignite from the Mining Basins. More info

10- This is war

Get ready, aim and shoot paintballs until you are the last living inhabitant of the circuit. A maximum adrenaline activity in which two groups fight in the middle of the mount to finish the other group. Whoever loses the war pays the dinner. More info

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